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About Gear 4 Greys

Welcome to Gear 4 Greys Inc.   We may look like an everyday online store, but our store is different.  When you purchase from Gear 4 Greys Inc not only are you buying a great value product to spoil yourself or your dog, you are helping more Greyhounds into homes.   Every dollar we make in profit is donated to charities dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Greyhounds.


Gear 4 Greys was established by the volunteers at Racing 2 Rehome Inc. (in Victoria, Australia) to raise much needed funds toward vet bills and care of their foster dogs.  Racing 2 Rehome Inc is a non-profit charity and 100% of profit from this online store contributes towards the care of their Greyhounds in private foster homes, while waiting to find their Adoptive home.   Racing 2 Rehome have taken in over 500 Greyhounds through their adoption program.    Every purchase through our store has helped make that possible. 


We are pleased to say that the store has grown and we have now been able to donate and support other Greyhound charities.

Our store has a wide range of Greyhound products; from the practical and necessary to just for fun stuff to make you smile.  We know once you adopt a Greyhound you love to spoil them, and that’s why we have a greyt range of Coats, Collars, Harnesses, Gifts, Beds and many more Greyhound products. Greyt prices too! 


We currently ship throughout Australia, N.Z, UK, Canada, U.S.A., Hong Kong.


Our store is run by volunteers and located in country Victoria, Australia.   Many of our coats are locally hand sewn.


Our products are suited to other dog breeds too.


If you shop with us today we thank you for your support and hope you love your new gear!  If not, please think of us next time you're shopping for your Hound. 

Every purchase helps. 

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